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Technical Lab
The training infrastructure has an important bearing on training effectiveness, IST Bhopal offers a good ambience in both its own solar power plant at institute rooftop, indoor lab facility offered include fully air-conditioned, wi-fi enabled classrooms located at MP Nagar, Zone II, Bhopal, M.P. - 462011.
The lab component has been especially designed for students to understand practical aspects of solar systems installation and operations. The Solar PV demo unit provides a platform for students to work on industrial equipment, by means of experiments and understand their installation, operations and maintenance aspects in addition to actual site visits accompanied by experts from the solar industry.

1000 watt Rooftop solar power plant
A 1000 watt Rooftop solar power plant used for training and research. It consists of poly crystalline solar panel with a capacity of 250 watts each. 1 Kwp system include remote monitoring Solar inverter, Batery, AJB, DB and others BoS equipments. Institute run by solar power. The whole usage of this system is, it can train the students in both offgrid and grid connected system. The system demonstrates the performance of solar panels and also the functioning of power conditioner unit - solar hybrid inverter. The system display monitor will give information of real time measurement of system parameters.


PV SYSTEM @ IST bhopal




Thursday, 23 November 2017

IST Bhopal Madhya Pradesh


Solar energy is future; clean and green energy is priority of MP. The electrifying plan that would create 83 million jobs from solar energy.

Opportunity from IST Bhopal
  1. Highly experienced teaching team at IST Bhopal
  2. IST Books and Class materials developed by National and International research persons, industry (100 to 200MW) experienced expert
  3. DIVAKAR PV Solar Solutions (PV Module manufacturing Plant) is the Technology Partner of IST Bhopal
  4. IST Bhopal a part of Sopan Green Energy, Solar EPC Company
  5. Class conducted by highly experienced working professionals
  6. Real live Practical training at institute
  7. Knowledge sharing with "DIVAKAR PV Solar Solutions" and "Sopan Green Energy" engineers
  8. Mock interview conducted by company HR
  9. Job Placement support through
  10. Entrepreneurship support from "DIVAKAR PV Solar Solutions" and "Sopan Green Energy"
  11. Research and Development guide and support from Institute of Solar Technology

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that solar energy is the energy of the future. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the state will be the leading state in the field of solar energy. Renewable energy is the energy of the future and work is being undertaken in this sector speedily.
Madhya Pradesh is committed and will leave no stone unturned in fulfilling its dream target of one lakh M.W. Solar energy. Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Project is paving new ways for solar energy production and use.
Meanwhile, the availability of renewable energy has increased more than 370 percent. Today 12,200 MW renewable energy is available in the country compared to 2600 in the year 2014. By the end of 2017, the availability will be 20,000 MW which will be five times the earlier fixed target.
MP govt approves domestic rooftop solar power policy. The Narendra Modi Centre aims to produce 40,000MW of renewable energy by 2022, of which Madhya Pradesh's target is 2,200MW. For this, the Chouhan government needs to install 22,000 solar power units of 100KW capacity throughout the state.

Will enough jobs be generated in this area?
Yes, it will be a huge sector for employment, from innovation to practical engineering to big business in leading solar projects. It will be a whole ecosystem of its own. 
Solar energy is the only new form of energy arriving on earth each day. As economies continue to grow, individuals will become more affluent and consume more energy. The only way to meet the demand is through new sources of energy such as solar. 

solar power project in Madhya Pradesh

16.5MW Grid Connected Solar Power Plant at Rajgarh, Bhopal

28.215MW Grid Connected Solar Power Plant at Agar Dist

30.5MW Grid Connected Solar Power Plant at Rojhani, Agar Dist

16.5MW Grid Connected Solar Power Plant at Susner, Agar Dist

14.179MW Grid Connected Solar Power Plant at Ichhawar, Sehor, Bhopal

Thursday, 26 October 2017

About SolarJobs
We are a specialist job board that focuses on jobs and careers in the market PV Solar sector in India and globally. Each month we promote hundreds of job postings across a variety of sectors including engineering jobs, installer jobs, manufacturing jobs, photovoltaic jobs and sales jobs.
For Job seekers

Each month thousands of IST highly qualified active and passive professionals use our job board as it has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive for the jobseeker to use and provides them with widest choice of suitable vacancies and the best possible functionality. Our job search functionality allows candidates to specify the exact type of role that they are interested in finding out more about as they can narrow their job search criteria by job title, job type, job sector, job category, salary, education level and location. When a IST candidate registers with they are given access to a free candidate management system. This allows the candidate to upload and edit their CV, add jobs to a wish list and track all the applications that they have made to suitable job postings. Furthermore the "Advance search" technology that we have developed ensures that job seekers find the exact type of vacancy that they want as well as receiving automatic recommendations on other suitable positions and being able to email suitable job opportunities to friends and colleagues.
Register today to ensure that you do not miss out on your dream job.
For Employers

Market leading organisations use our job board as an integral part of their candidate attraction strategy as we make the recruitment process quick, easy and cost effective for them. Furthermore our tailored recruitment solutions such as featured jobs, featured employers and quick apply tool allow organisations to highlight their employer brand proposition and win the war for talent. The recruiter management system has been designed to be extremely user friendly and gives our clients full control of their recruitment campaign as well as being fully integrated with job posting distribution services. Clients can easily manage their recruitment process with functionality such as being able to post, edit and delete their job postings. Furthermore applications to their advertised job postings are sent straight to their inbox meaning that active job seekers can be contacted immediately. 
If you are an employer interested in finding how we can assist with your candidate attraction strategy or if you are looking to advertise your vacancies please contact us by email at


In the recent years there has been a phenomenal growth of renewable energy companies especially number of solar Energy enterprises in India. This is partly a result of government new initiatives in terms of subsidy to entrepreneurs, new friendly policies and procedures with an agenda or bringing about the positive change in the society and utilize natural resources by promoting solar energy concept. India has huge potential to become a global renewable energy hub by virtue of the abundance of alternate energy sources in the country and keeping the market survey, climate study and other relevant factors, six years before as per published MNRE report, the government had a target of installing 20GW(20,000MW) of solar energy by 2022 but now 2015 the target has been revised and raised 100GW (1,00,000MW) and our current solar energy production is 5GW (5,000MW), which is only 25% of projected target. 
While developing a solar energy based companies in India, it is rather enigmatic that they experience a various type of problems with respect to the management of human resources within the organizations. It thus, become critical for solar companies to think out of the box and try to innovate variety of HR strategies to overcome these problems. 
Best Recruitment Solutions from Institute of Solar Technology. Organize and simplify your recruitment process using our response management team. This part of the site is aimed at providing a great suite of tools for posting your job vacancies through a simple form submition. Our team will assist you to choosing right candidate for your PV Solar Project.
Working with our students
  • Institute of Solar Technology (IST) students have real-world skills and add great value to a wide range of industries.
  • Our courses are designed to increase employability and help students develop transferable skills relevant to your business.
  • IST is committed to preparing its students for the world of work, and providing the employment market with educated and employable graduates.
  • Our services are designed to benefit both the employer and the student.
  • Reduce HR budget/amount of hires
  • Reduce Direct hiring costs
  • Reduce Attrition costs

Just in Time Hiring using IST Skilled Database PNA India

Thursday, 14 September 2017

PV solar corporate training

Corporate Training for Engineers of WAAREE Energies Ltd at Mumbai, M.H.


Accelerating the efficiency of your workmanship with help of IST Corporate Training

Monday, 4 September 2017


With the launch of Prime Minister's ambitious Startup India mission on 16th January at Vigyan Bhavan auditorium in New Delhi, it seems that India is progressing to become the next big startup nation. 

The Indian startup system ecosystem is rapidly driven by an extremely young, diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial landscape. There are more than 3,100 startups (Source: NASSCOM 2016) and the number is expected to reach 10,000 by 2020 making India the largest incubator(after the US and China) of emerging startups. Disruptive innovation is the key and Indian enterprise is perfectly poised to produce solutions to challenges faced by the developing world. 

Technology is at the heart of India's entrepreneurial movement and techled disruptive innovation has enabled an ease of operations in many areas where complications previously existed. 

Indian businesses have gained significantly from globalisation and needs access to foreign capital as well as global markets. So what could be India's role in this challenging environment? 

India is endowed with vast solar energy potential. About 5,000 trillion kWh per year energy is incident over India's land area with most parts receiving 4-7 kWh per Sq. m per day. Hence, both technology routes for conversion of solar radiation into heat and electricity, namely, solar thermal and solar photovoltaics, can effectively be harnessed providing huge scalability for solar in India. Therefore, starting a solar business is a lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneurs.


Develop & Own Solar Projects

With Solar Energy - anybody can become a solar developer. Find a good location, put together a team of experts (I recommend before starting gain experienc in solar business from IST PV Business Management Course) develop a good business plan, raise the money, build your project - use your experience and completed projects to leverage yourself into other solar projects.

Independent Solar Consultant

A lot of people would like to know if it makes sense to install solar on their property. Additionally, people look for a professional opinion that looks at the various options and guides them through the entire process.

Solar Installer and O&M Service

Many customers prefer to hire somebody to install and keep their solar panels clean rather than clean them themselves.

Solar Repairs

Solar systems last a long time. However, it required some maintenance from time to time. Especially on older systems, it might need upgradations with new inverters, wiring replacement, storm damage repairs, etc. Additionally, solar items repairing is one of the most profitable solar business opportunities in India.

Energy Auditor

Another service that is growing in demand is to conduct energy audits. Basically, here you will make recommendations how people can reduce their electrical consumption.

Invent Solar Products

Are you a bit of an inventor? There's a whole bunch of new solar products being developed. Need an idea? Take a look at any existing product that needs power to operate and think about how you could use solar energy to provide that power.

Be a Solar Product Distributor

As more an more manufacturers of products emerge - they need distributors to get the products to the market. For example, I recently started corresponding with a company in Asia that produces technology that helps solar systems produce more electricity (2 to 5 times), helps reduce electrical consumption in your home.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

IST Advisor Scientiest Mr Abdul Moyez

Research in Perovskite Solar Cells
Research in Perovskite Solar Cell. University of Calcutta
Advisor of Institute of Solar Technology

Puber Kalom E-Paper

3rd September 2017 September 03, 2017

His Research Paper

National Workshop at AMITY University presented by IST

National Workshop at AMITY University presented by IST

Corporate Training for Engineers of WAAREE Energies Ltd at Mumbai

Institute of Solar Technology provide in-house training programs for an WAAREE Energies Ltd to train their engineers and franchise owners on Solar PV power plant design installation.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

set up Roof-top Solar PV Power Plant

To set up Roof-top Solar PV Power Plants required documents:-
(1) Details of Roof Area, with location / site for setting up Roof-top Solar PV Power Plants. It includes lease agreement, copy of building ownership, etc.
(2) Estimated project cost, with detailed break-up;
(3) (a) Application / BoM duly signed by the Officer of the project;
(b) Application / BoM duly certified by the Chartered Engineer
(4) Detailed Project Report (DPR)
(5) Copy of EPC Contract or Agreement
(6) Single Line Diagram (SLD)/ Detailed Drawings with justification of requirement of cable; Module mounting structures, Inverter, etc.
(7) One Affidavit in the MNRE prescribed format

The Bill of Material (BOM) shall be submitted to MNRE online.

In case, the project developer or organization has received capital subsidy for setting up a Roof-top Solar PV Power Plant, they will furnish copy of the approval letter sanctioning subsidy for that plant.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

PV Project Management Trtaining at IST

Advance Certificate in PV Technology and Business Management 

Who can join in this Training?
Start-ups, entrepreneurs, engineers, project managers and officers from project developers, implementing agencies and EPC companies involved in development of solar power projects.

Coordinates all of the workers and materials involved in a solar installation, managing time and budgets, and translating between engineers, system designers, and installers in the field.

IST Trainers:

      1.       MR. UTPAL DUTTA
B.E (Electrical), Ex. HOD, Electrical Engg in Rajenrdranath Polytechnic, Durgapur

      2.       SK ABDUL MOYEZ
M. Tech, IIT Kharagpur, Ph. D (Cont.), University of Calcutta, Research in Perovskite Solar Cells

Columbia University Associate Research Scientist

15 years experience in Quality Control Department in a Lead Acid storage battery ( SOLAR battery)

Renewable Energy Engineer, Msc, EE and RE from University of Leeds, UK
Engineer Renewable Energy, 155MW Solar Power Project, Independent Engineering for 181MW Wind Power Project

      6.       SANJIB ROY
Solar Panel Installation Technician Trainer - Awarded by NSDC, Govt of India.

      7.       TANAY SARKER
Post Graduate Diploma In Renewable energy,
Govt. Certified Trainer of Solar PV Installer (Suryamitra), Solar PV Installer-Electrical, Solar PV Installer-Civil

B. Tech in Electrical Engineering, M.Sc Renewable Energy (Pursuing )
Govt. Certified Trainer of Solar PV Installer (Suryamitra), Solar PV Installer-Electrical, Solar PV Installer-Civil

What will you learn?

Candidates will benefit from additional training in systems design and construction management.


Unit: 2 Unit Code: PPM (PV Project Management)
  •    What is Project ?
  •     Project Management, Project Management Processes
  •     Project Management Knowledge Areas - Develop Project Charter, Develop Project Management Plan, Manage Project Work, Monitor and Control Project Work, Perform Integrated Change Control, Close Project or Phase
  •     Project Scope Management
  •     Project Time Management, Bar charts
  •     AOA, CPM, PERT
  •     Project Cost Management, PV, EV, BCWS, AC, EAC, CPI, ETC, CV, SPI, VAC
  •     Project Quality Management
  •     Project Human Resource Management
  •   Project Communications Management
  •   Project Risk Management
  •   Project Procurement Management
  •   Project Stakeholder Management
  •   Project vs Operational Work
  •   Project Stakeholders
  •   Detailed Site Analysis, Basic Engineering
  •   Technology Selection
  •   Due Diligence Services in PV Projects
  •   Yield Projection, PV Performance Projection
  •   Implementing MW Solar Power Plants - Action Framework
  •   Getting a PPA for a MW Solar Power Plant
  •   EPC Selection for a MW Solar Plant
  •   Designing and Construction
  •   Decision regarding Owner's Engineer and O&M
  •   Commissioning of the Plant
  •   Soft copy of Model Project DPR submitted by every student


  1. Deep understanding of solar energy systems
  2. Personnel and resource management
  3. Active listening
  4. Coordination, time management, and multi-tasking
  5. Complex Problem Solving
  6. Budgeting and Planning
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Communicating with subordinates and customers
  9. Judgment and decision making
  10. Operation monitoring and quality control analysis
  11. Software proficiency
  12. Familiarity with construction tools and technology

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

3 Days Workshop on Renewable Energy at Asansol Engineering College

3 Days Workshop on Renewable Energy

India’s power sector
Thermal power plants' capacity utilization to drop to 48% by 2022, From 2017, thermal plants have to go clean
Generation Capacity of RE in India
Introduction with Photovoltaic Solar Energy
Physic of Solar Cell
Solar Resources for Photovoltaic System
Introduction with PV System Components

Introduction with PV System Components - Battery
System Calculation & Flow up Installation Process
Safety for PV System Workers
"Practical on Shadow & Tilt angle effect,
Practical on Site Assessment "

Job Opportunity in Renewable Energy Sector
Business Opportunity in Renewable Energy Sector
Market Size, Investment Scenario, Government Initiatives, 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Solar Training March 2017 at IST Howrah India No 1 Institute for Solar Training

Institute of Solar Technology (IST) was established to provide practical skills and impart stronger work ethics among students through experiential learning and vocational training. With additional skill based training programs available, IST strengthens the local communities' overall human resource capacity through advance higher education, short and long term job oriented coursework. Such coursework includes formal and vocational training programs including the newly initiated Renewable Energy, mainly PV Solar Power Entrepreneurship course.

Ashley Harold Huxham from Colombia, South America Join at IST Howrah to complete Hands-on Practical Training on Photovoltaic Solar Technology. 

Press Release