Saturday, 25 May 2013

Workshop on Solar PV systems - at IST

                          Workshop Schedule
1.1  Principle of operation of Solar Energy –    
1.2  Photovoltaic Effect,                                  
1.3  Solar Cell,                                                 
1.4  How a Photovoltaic Cell Works                  
1.5  Types of Solar Cell,                                   
1.6.1              Technical Specification of Solar PV module, Mechanical & General Specification
1.6.2            Electrical Data                         
1.6.3          Other Electrical Parameters    
1.7 Application of Solar Energy                                   
1.8 Practical set of PV Solar Cell

Balance of System (BOS) Components for Solar PV System
2 Balance of System (BOS) Components for Solar PV                                                                   
2.1 What does balance-of-system mean?
2.2 DC system, AC system,
2.3 Solar PV Modules Mounting Structure, Trackers, Tilt angle adjustment, Measure Solar Insolation  
2.4 Solar Array Fuse, DC Combiner Box, DC Distribution Box, Energy Storage Unit [Battery]
2.5 AC Distribution Box, Connection to the Building Electrical System, Cables, Junction Boxes, Earthing,
2.6 Surge Protection, Charge Controllers, Inverters
Design of Rooftop PV system
4.1 Basic principles to follow               
4.2 Design of rooftop PV system        
4.2.1 Steps to follow to design an efficient PV system
4.2.2 Steps to follow when installing a PV system                                   
4.2.3 Climate information & Site survey
4.4 System Design Procedure & Rooftop Solar Power Plant Calculation                                               
4.4.1 Load Estimation
4.4.2 Battery Sizing                             
4.4.3 Inverter Issues                          
4.4.4 Charge Controllers                     
4.4.5 Array Sizing
4.5 System Design Guidelines                        
4.5.1 No Battery Backup systems
4.5.2 Battery Backup System
4.5.3 Stand-alone Power system


Present Solar Energy Market & Govt. Policies in India
a.       Summary
b.      Reason to Invest
c.       Statistics
d.      Growth Drivers
e.      Solar Policies
f.        Feed In Tariff
g.       Net Metering
h.      Accelerated Depreciations
i.        Subsidies 
j.        Financial Support
k.       Indian Developers 
l.        Government Nodal Agencies

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Institute of Solar Technology
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