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Workshop on Solar PV systems - at IST

WORKSHOP ON SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER SYSTEM                           W orkshop Schedule SOLAR CELL OPERATIONAL PRINCIPLES 1.1   Principle of operation of Solar Energy –     1.2   Photovoltaic Effect,                                   1.3   Solar Cell,                                                  1.4   How a Photovoltaic Cell Works                   1.5   Types of Solar Cell,                                    1.6.1               Technical Specification of Solar PV module, Mechanical & General Specification 1.6.2             Electrical Data                          1.6.3           Other Electrical Parameters     1.7 Application of Solar Energy                                    1.8 Practical set of PV Solar Cell         Balance of System (BOS) Components for Solar PV System 2 Balance of System (BOS) Componen