Friday, 12 June 2015

June 2015 Advance Certificate in Photovoltaic System Installation

A complete and compact practical training session which include PV Solar Cell to PV Power plant calculation, design, installing, commissioning, testing.
Advance Certificate in Photovoltaic System Installation is a competence based qualification which covers installing photovoltaic (PV) panels and systems into roofs, onto roofs or in non roof structures. It is suitable for those working in the installation of photovoltaic panels as PV Installers or Solar Panel Installers.
It covers communicating and working with others, working with PV systems, locating, preparing testing, handling, fixing and completing the installation of photovoltaic panels; the importance and requirements of health and safety are emphasised throughout the qualification.

This course is intended for final year engineering graduates or engineering fresh graduates, and will cover the basics of solar power system design, concepts, schematics, Single Line Diagrams(SLD), power estimation, performance efficiency, installation techniques, electrical safety, circuit fundamentals, materials specifications, methods, testing & commissioning process.
This course is more elaborate in details, discussions, calculation, problem solving, lab practical, assignments, hands on installation practice, evaluation, and is understandable and workable for engineering professionals.

Course Contents:

Module: - I
  • Introduction with the background and purpose of this training, Present Issue of Solar power in India, job opportunity and business opportunity
  • Basics of Electrical Engineering
Module - II
  • Basics of Solar PV technology
  • General Concept of Solar Resource - Insolation and Latitude
Module - III
  • Basics of Energy Storage - Battery
  • Basics of Components of Solar PV System
Module - IV
  • Rooftop solar Home lighting system and its Design
  • Live Project on Rooftop Solar System
  • DC Solar Home Lighting System and its Designing
Module - V
  • Application of Solar Water Pumping System and its Designing
  • General Concept of Solar power Street Light & its Designing
Module - VI
  • System Erection, Inspection, Test, Maintenance and Commissioning
  • General Concept of Solar Power Plant Hazard and Protection
  • General Concept of Power Plant Audit, ROI, Project Submission
  • Case Studies - Rooftop PV system, Solar powered Water Pump & Street light system
  • Present Solar Energy Market & Govt. Policies in India

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