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PV Solar Workshop on 16th Oct. 2016 9.30AM to 5.30PM at Pravaraanagar Dist. Ahmednagar


Hands-on Practical Training on Solar PV system installer

Course Overview The course majorly focuses on hands-on training for component installation, commissioning of 1 kWp Solar PV Power Plant. It will also focus on Operations and Maintenance practices pertaining to solar PV systems. The participants will also be given training on marketing & entrepreneurship skill so that they will become the campaigners of solar energy.  Training curriculum as per NOS, Govt. of India and training provided by Govt. certified trainer.  Study of solar photovoltaic cell & solar photovoltaic module, type and size of PV cell and  PV module, Fundamental types of modules and its applications, PV components   1. Solar Photovoltaic system  2. Types of solar photovoltaic system  3. Grid connected solar PV system c. Off Grid connected solar PV system/Standalone Solar PV d. Series and Parallel connections of battery and Modules  Practical Competencies Fundamental a. Series and Parallel connections of battery and Modules b. Reading an