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PV Solar Training for Corporate Professional Persons

CUSTOM TRAINING LINKED TO YOUR GOALS Training programs can be customized for your organization's specific needs, linked with industry certification or compliance requirements, or integrated with IST programs. VISIT  OTHER LEARNING SERVICES We provide a wide range of services that complement training development, delivery and evaluation, including:- Training Needs Analysis Job Analysis and Competency Profiling Strategic Learning Planning Instructional Design and Development Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Evaluation of Training Post-training Performance Support and Coaching Facilitation Keynote speakers Safety Training in the workplace Institute of Solar Technology "ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE" A Unit of  Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust  An Autonomous Institute Reg. under   NCT New Delhi, GOVT. OF INDIA ISO 9001:2008 Certified Orgi

NIESBUD Entrepreneurship Development Program on Solar Energy

Hands-on Practical Entrepreneurship Development Program on Solar Energy View More: This training program is designed for professionals who are looking at demystifying the business, finance, technology & regulatory landscape of solar energy. In this training program, major information necessary to enter the business of Solar Energy will be provided along with excellent networking opportunities. Successful candidate will be able to have an understanding of National Solar Mission, Government & State policies, Fundamentals of Solar Photovoltaic, System Designing, REC mechanism, etc. The course will be conducted in a workshop mode (participative) and each session builds upon the others.  Training Objective: This training program is designed for new Entrepreneurs, Prospective Entrepreneurs, working Professional and Students looking at demystifying the business, finance, technology & regulatory landscape of solar energy. In t

Tools for a Successful Solar Electric Installers

Below are several lists that describe many of the tools needed for an installation. They are broken out into functional groups for site assessment, installation and maintenance. Most of the specialized tools fall into the site assessment and maintenance categories; the installation tools are probably already in your tool box! Site Assessment Tools 50-100 ft. tape measure Solar Pathfinder (evaluates the solar energy potential at a site) Compass (not needed if you’re using a Solar Pathfinder) Maps (reference for location latitude and magnetic declination) Digital camera       Basic Tools Needed for Installation Angle finder Torpedo level Cordless drill (14.4V or greater), multiple batteries Unibit and multiple drill bits (wood, metal, masonry) Hole saw Hole punch Torque wrench with deep sockets Nut drivers (most common PV sizes are 7/16”, ½”, 9/16”) Wire strippers Crimpers Needle-nose pliers Lineman's pliers Slip-joint pliers Small cable cutters Lar