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Rooftop solar power plants

Is there money to be made on your roof?  With the never-ending availability of sunshine and the evolution of solar technology many are recognizing the benefits of solar. "As sunshine never ending, we think the same should be true for the knowledge around solar energy." - INSTITUTE OF SOLAR TECHNOLOGY A rooftop solar power plant works by generating electricity from the photovoltaic modules put up on the roof and feeds it to the building for its internal consumption. A 100KW rooftop solar power plant covers 1,500 square meters of roof area reducing the peak electricity demand on power grid and DG sets while simultaneously improving local air quality. Soon, individual households and enterprises in the State that generate their own solar power on their rooftops and share any surplus with the State grid can expect to reap monthly cash returns from their energy utility — or at least a slashed electricity bill, according to senior government officials. Dr. Prasad sai

Carbon Footprint of an Average in Indian

What is a carbon footprint? The total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). In other words: When you drive a car, the engine burns fuel which creates a certain amount of CO2, depending on its fuel consumption and the driving distance. (CO2 is the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide). When you heat your house with oil, gas or coal, then you also generate CO2. Even if you heat your house with electricity, the generation of the electrical power may also have emitted a certain amount of CO2. When you buy food and goods, the production of the food and goods also emitted some quantities of CO2. Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere as part of their photosynthetic processes. It is the primary means of generating nutrition for its growth and repair activities. It is therefore acceptable to state that the quantity of carbon dioxide so absorbed is a direct f


The energy generation from modern renewable is similar to the nuclear generation in India. The availability of trained manpower, institutions and research facilities for nuclear power are significantly better than in the renewable field. There is a need to build capacity in renewable energy and to attract professionals from the mainstream science/ engineering disciplines.  In the last few decades, the education system in most developing countries has been improved considerably, at least in urban areas. Primary and secondary schools are well established and gradually universities are opened up.  NEED FOR CAPACITY BUILDING India’s fossil fuel reserves are limited. The major proportion of the domestic oil consumption is based on imports. Hence the importance of development of alternative energy sources has been recognized by the government. The rapid growth in this sector would require an extensive pool of competent manpower (knowledgeable and skilled) to design, install

Solar energy consulting & management services, detailed project report, energy management consultants, 1 Kw Rooftop Solar System should be for every house

Planing of solar PV system. Support for Rooftop PV System Installation of Solar Power Plant Complete Solution Off-grid Solar Systems Solar off-grid systems are installed on stand alone basis without any support from utility grid. They use batteries as storage devices of electricity that gets charged during the day and meets electricity needs during night. This way these systems ensure a 24 hour power supply. Hybrid Systems Solar hybrid systems couple the Solar PV modules with other power producing sources in order to increase the total output and reduce the cost involve and offer more reliable solutions. The most common of these are solar and diesel hybrid & solar and wind hybrid systems. Grid-connected Rooftop Systems Grid connected Rooftop Solar power plants within the capacity range of 1 to 500 kilowatts are simple to i


Thank you Sanjibda How are things with you. Hope things are moving in the right direction. Cheers Sudipta Dawn|  ON ergy * Dear Sanjib Thank you for the lovely message. My very best wishes to you and IST for 2014.  Warm Regards Sasha Hello Sanjib- ..................  As CEO at my start-up SynchronEco (innovation in delivery systems for small-scale energy/banking/health using telecomm and portable solar chargers).  Just thought I'd let you know in case you would have any advice for me- Best- ALISON WISE Happy 2014 to you too Sanjib!! YOTAM ARIEL Managing Director, Bennu-Solar Mr. S. Roy Thanks for your mail. Happy New Year 2014. With regards, S. Lahiri Kol.  700107. Happy New year! -- World-class event Aagni yours, R. Chakraborty CEO & Founder, WEDENT GROUP Go Green with "BHARAT SOLAR ENERGY"     Hi Sanjib, Wow! 2014 is here already. And there’s so much I want to