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Project planning Activities at the project planning phase comprise site selection, technical and financial feasibility studies, engineering design and project development. The first two activities involve measuring the solar resource potential and estimating the environmental and social impacts of developing a solar plant on an identified site. Engineering design involves identifying the technical aspects of the mechanical and electrical systems, the civil engineering work and infrastructure, the construction plan and the operations and maintenance (O&M) model. Project development consists of administrative tasks such as obtaining land rights, permits, licenses and approvals from different authorities; managing regulatory issues; negotiating and securing financing; negotiating and signing insurance contracts; contracting an engineering company; negotiating the rent or purchase of the land; and managing the procurement processes. EXAMPLE: Planning a 50 MW solar PV plant re


VOCATIONAL TRAINING ON PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS ADMISSION GOING ON Vocational Training on Photovoltaic System for Engineering Students Institute of Solar Technology conducts following Vocational Training on PV Solar System Engineering, Rooftop Net metering PV Solar system for the Students of B.E/B.Tech,M.E/M.Tech,Diploma Engineering from the streams of Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, IT, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electrical Power System, Electronics & Instrumentation, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. CORE SYLLABUS: Unit Code Module Detail Theory Practical Total Unit: 1 PPS Physic of Photovoltaic System Click for Detail Syllabus 4 4 8 Unit: 1 SRPS Solar Resources for Photovoltaic System Click for Detail Syllabus 3 3 6 Unit: 2 BoS Solar PV Balance-of-System Click for Detail Syllabus 8 2 10 Unit: 2 SAP Site Assessments and Project Planing Click for Detail Syllabus 2 2 4 Uni

PV Solar Guarantees Warranties and Insurance

Guarantees, Warranties and Insurance In case of Solar PV systems, the solar panel and most other equipment manufacturers offer guarantees and warranties. Before finalizing/signing the purchase contract with the solar installer, you should ensure to check the warranty and guarantee terms of Solar PV components and system. Some of them are mentioned below: Solar PV Panels 10 years of product warranty against defect on materials and workmanship Performance Guarantee  of 25 years. In most of the cases, this guarantee is for 10 years at 90% of rated peak power output and for 25 years at 80% of rated peak power output. Peak power output is the nameplate capacity of a Solar PV panel. Solar PV panels degradation trend Degradation of solar PV panel should not be above 2.0% for first year, 8.0% for next 11 years and should not be above 9.0% linear for 13 years to follow thereafter. Inverter Typically inverter warranties last for 5 years; however installer or manufacturer may

Small Rooftop Solar Power Plant Calculation

Rooftop solar is increasingly cost-effective for home owners, business owners, and their communities. Reductions in technology prices, innovative financing, and growing networks of solar installers and financial partners all helped drive down the prices for household systems in In d ia.   The falling price of rooftop PV systems results from improvements in the technology and economies of scale among manufacturers.  Many home owners and businesses are taking advantage of third-party ownership options. Under solar leases or power purchase agreements, electricity customers typically pay little or nothing up front for rooftop systems, then get electricity from the systems over a long period.  The falling prices and innovative financing structures mean that rooftop solar is more broadly available, and that the pool of customers comes from increasingly diverse economic backgrounds. How to  de si gn of your rooftop power plant? Step – 1 Load Calculate App


ABOUT IST PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES IST PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES (IST-PCS) is a reliable name in the industrial world for offering integrated technical consultancy services. IST-PCS is manned by engineers, planners, specialists, financial experts, economic analysts and design specialists with extensive experience in the related industries. Institute of Solar Technology aims for a Leading Solar Training & Consultancy all across the globe. Backed by rich teaching and industry experience, we are highly engaged in offering an optimum grade Solar power plant Design, Consultancy Service to our clients. Offered services are executed by our experienced professionals using the best software and superior technology. We are associated with solar power projects in KWp / MWp and we are well versed with techno commercial experience in the following:- Detailed Project Report, Business Plan for Manufacturing Plant, Start-up Ideas, Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs, S