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Solar-Rooftop power for Residential Commercial and Industrial Sectors

“Sun is our God, before we understand any technology we must understand ‘The Sun’, as it’s not the power it’s the Energy: continuous, long lasting, forever”. -- Pragya Sharma, Adviser of IST. Rooftop PV systems are one of the most attractive solution for Residential Commercial and Industrial Sectors.  There is a huge potential in each sectors and this potential should consider all possible areas & spaces that could be utilized, like the total potential for generation capacity of PV systems on all existing and planned. NDMC identified 40 buildings and total potential estimated is 20mw. Thus, this is huge potential area and we should utilized this. If you look for long run, then solar roof top is very good for individual house as well. You can install 3 KW or 5 KW or 10 KW System at your roof top. 3 KW system will cost appox 2.0 to 2.3 Lakh, it is one time investment and you can generate your own power for next 25 years. No electricity bill, no power cut and 100% clean

The nation is undergoing solar energy revolution

The nation is undergoing solar energy revolution. Farukh Khan, student of Institute of Solar Technology installing small solar lighting system at his village, Alwar District, Rajasthan. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is working hard to earn the tag of ‘solar city’ for the New Delhi area of the national capital as it has framed a detailed plan for the rooftop solar energy generation. The chairman of NDMC Jalaj Shrivastava has said that they have identified 40 buildings in the area, which fall under their jurisdiction for the installation of rooftop solar panels. The buildings on which the roof top panels will be set up include NDMC schools, hospitals, offices, sub-stations, inquiry offices etc. An NDMC official said that they choose their own buildings for the pilot project as we did not require a ‘no objection certificate’ from any agency. Source : EnergyNext WB Govt plans world`s biggest solar power project in Purulia June 25, 2014 The West Bengal gove