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Procedure to get subsidy on Solar PV Systems through NABARD in India

Procedure to get subsidy on Solar PV Systems through NABARD in India  As on January 2016, Government has released a priority list for processing subsidy claims. Schools, public institutions, etc are higher up on the priority list and residential projects are lowest in priority list. And thus getting subsidy on residential projects is getting increasingly difficult. NABARD has stopped the subsidy scheme in March 2015: Supply of electricity is quite unreliable in most parts of India. Due to increased scheduled and un-scheduled power cuts in most of the cities in India, interest in using electricity generated through alternate sources has also increased. However, high capital cost of setting up systems to tap energy through renewable sources is deterrent in taking up large-scale deployments of the same. To promote electricity generation using  solar  energy Government of India launched Jawaharlal Nehru Na

Skill India movement and the Make in India statement

Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historical Independence Day speech seems to have galvanised the nation into action, with his emphatic mentions of Skill India movement and the ‘Make in India’ statement inviting multinationals to leverage India for manufacturing.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Stand up India scheme to enable Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and women entrepreneurs to access loans, setting a target of creating 250.000 such entrepreneurs across the country. Under the scheme 125.000 bank branches will provide loans up to Rs 1 crore. Each branch will be required to provide two such loans ranging from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore without collateral for setting up a new enterprise.  The PM said it is not possible for the government to provide jobs to everyone. The scheme will convert "jobseekers into job creators," he said. Stand up India, he said, aims to empower every Indian and enable them to stand on their own feet. The recent financial