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Solar Power Systems

 Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems  Off-Grid Solar Power Systems  Solar Power Plants  Building Integrated Photo Voltaic Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems Definition: Grid-Tie Solar Photo-Voltaic (SPV) systems are SPV systems which can be connected to the existing Electricity Grid (EG) and Diesel Generators (DG) without the need of energy storage units (battery banks). During the sunlight hours, the generated solar power is utilized to operate the loads. When sufficient solar power is not available (overload situations and during no sunlight), the system draws the required power from the existing EG. Advantages: These SPV systems help reduce the power drawn from the existing EG and DG; therefore savings increase with every power price hike! Lower in cost with better return (ROI) period These SPV systems are capable of transferring the excess solar electricity generated into the existing Government EGs These SPV systems are maintenance free with zero recurring costs The

Indian State wise Renewable Energy Development Agency Site Link

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Non-Conventional Energy Development Corporatiopn of Andhra Pradesh Ltd.  (NEDCAP) Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency  (APEDA) Assam Energy Development Agency  (AEDA) Gujarat Energy Development Agency  (GEDA) Haryana Renewable  Energy Development Agency  (HAREDA) Himachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency  (HPEDA) Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency  (JREDA) Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd.  (KREDL) Maharashtra Energy Development Agency  (MEDA) Meghalaya Non-Conventional & Rural Energy Development Agency  (MNREDA) Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency  (OREDA) Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency  (TEDA) Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency  (UPNEDA) West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency  (WBREDA) Technology Development Board  (TDB) Solar Water Heater International Copper Promotion Council India Ministry of Power  (MOP) Bur