Wednesday, 7 June 2017

PV Project Management Trtaining at IST

Advance Certificate in PV Technology and Business Management 

Who can join in this Training?
Start-ups, entrepreneurs, engineers, project managers and officers from project developers, implementing agencies and EPC companies involved in development of solar power projects.

Coordinates all of the workers and materials involved in a solar installation, managing time and budgets, and translating between engineers, system designers, and installers in the field.

IST Trainers:

      1.       MR. UTPAL DUTTA
B.E (Electrical), Ex. HOD, Electrical Engg in Rajenrdranath Polytechnic, Durgapur

      2.       SK ABDUL MOYEZ
M. Tech, IIT Kharagpur, Ph. D (Cont.), University of Calcutta, Research in Perovskite Solar Cells

Columbia University Associate Research Scientist

15 years experience in Quality Control Department in a Lead Acid storage battery ( SOLAR battery)

Renewable Energy Engineer, Msc, EE and RE from University of Leeds, UK
Engineer Renewable Energy, 155MW Solar Power Project, Independent Engineering for 181MW Wind Power Project

      6.       SANJIB ROY
Solar Panel Installation Technician Trainer - Awarded by NSDC, Govt of India.

      7.       TANAY SARKER
Post Graduate Diploma In Renewable energy,
Govt. Certified Trainer of Solar PV Installer (Suryamitra), Solar PV Installer-Electrical, Solar PV Installer-Civil

B. Tech in Electrical Engineering, M.Sc Renewable Energy (Pursuing )
Govt. Certified Trainer of Solar PV Installer (Suryamitra), Solar PV Installer-Electrical, Solar PV Installer-Civil

What will you learn?

Candidates will benefit from additional training in systems design and construction management.


Unit: 2 Unit Code: PPM (PV Project Management)
  •    What is Project ?
  •     Project Management, Project Management Processes
  •     Project Management Knowledge Areas - Develop Project Charter, Develop Project Management Plan, Manage Project Work, Monitor and Control Project Work, Perform Integrated Change Control, Close Project or Phase
  •     Project Scope Management
  •     Project Time Management, Bar charts
  •     AOA, CPM, PERT
  •     Project Cost Management, PV, EV, BCWS, AC, EAC, CPI, ETC, CV, SPI, VAC
  •     Project Quality Management
  •     Project Human Resource Management
  •   Project Communications Management
  •   Project Risk Management
  •   Project Procurement Management
  •   Project Stakeholder Management
  •   Project vs Operational Work
  •   Project Stakeholders
  •   Detailed Site Analysis, Basic Engineering
  •   Technology Selection
  •   Due Diligence Services in PV Projects
  •   Yield Projection, PV Performance Projection
  •   Implementing MW Solar Power Plants - Action Framework
  •   Getting a PPA for a MW Solar Power Plant
  •   EPC Selection for a MW Solar Plant
  •   Designing and Construction
  •   Decision regarding Owner's Engineer and O&M
  •   Commissioning of the Plant
  •   Soft copy of Model Project DPR submitted by every student


  1. Deep understanding of solar energy systems
  2. Personnel and resource management
  3. Active listening
  4. Coordination, time management, and multi-tasking
  5. Complex Problem Solving
  6. Budgeting and Planning
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Communicating with subordinates and customers
  9. Judgment and decision making
  10. Operation monitoring and quality control analysis
  11. Software proficiency
  12. Familiarity with construction tools and technology

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