Monday, 19 October 2015

Install PV Solar Rooftop system and replace Existing Inverter

Replace Existing UPS charge from grid electricity by Installing PV Solar Power on your rooftop.

A inverter with 12V, 200Ah battery, which give an average 3 hours backup for 2 ceiling fan & 3 tube light. DoD 50%

To charge the battery,
Charging current 20Amp
Inverter draws average 10 Amp current from 240V supply for 5 hours
= 240V X 10A X 5 hours
= 12000Wh = 12KWh or unit

Average electricity bill Rs.6.50/- per unit
Total charging cost per day = 12 unit X Rs.6.50/- = Rs.78/-
Total charging cost per year = Rs.78 X 300 days = Rs.23,400/-

To convert this system into PV Solar Power system,
Required PV module 2 nos 200Wp, Inverter 500VA

Approx cost of system:
PV Module = 400Wp X Rs.60/- per Wp =  Rs.24,000/-
Inverter                                                     = Rs.15,000/-
Mounting structure                                   = Rs.  2,000/-
Others & Installation                                = Rs.  5,000/-
Total                                                         = Rs. 46,000/-

Your First time Installation cost = Rs.46,000/-
First year saving                         = Rs. 23,400/-
                                                    = Rs. 22,600/-
Second year saving                     = Rs. 23,400/-
Generate Profit                           = Rs. 800/-

From third year to next 18 year run your system without any electricity bill.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hands on Practical Solar Photovoltaic System installation Training

What is to be required to becoming an expert Solar Photovoltaic System installer ? 

To becoming an expert Solar Photovoltaic System installer, you have to be knowledge from basic physic of PV cell to design calculation, technical characters of every equipments theory and practical both.

Solar Photovoltaic System output depends on various conditions and efficiency of equipments used. So, you need to know every steps of this project work.

Why Institute of Solar Technology?
What you can get from Institute of Solar Technology? Institute of Solar Technology is an academic institute, provide only training and education. At IST you can get full time training. We do not want to kill your valuable time, so we design training time frame which is exactly required.

From IST -

  • Only Institute of Solar Technology can give detail knowledge through vast theory class by experienced teaching  team and practical installation work.
  • At IST you can get instruments Rooftop plant system to install it own hand (team wise). Which can give 100% confidence, that you can do it.
  • You can use digital library and read national and international book, journals.  
  • Training start from fundamental of electrical engineering.
  • Various type of indoor lab experiments on PV cell/module character. 
  • Lab experiment on every system item to show their function. 
  • System design using international data system online and offline both. 
  • Assistance after training. 
  • On-job Training for best students after training & Placement support as per industry inquiry. 

Practical Lab of IST

IST Practical Lab

IST Class Room

IST Practical Installation Set

Practical Test

Practical Class

IST Indoor Lab

Indoor Lab

IST Indoor Lab

Outdoor Class

Outdoor Class

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