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1kw solar power plant specification

Off-Grid Solar Power Plants
  • 1 KWp Off-grid Solar Power Plant can generate approximately 4-5 units in normal sunny day.
  • Space required for installation of 1 KWp system is approximately 100 sq. ft./KWp
  • Smart electronics to effectively manage usage of solar power based on load requirements. High efficiency inverters capable of supplying load directly (in the day time) without storing in the batteries all the time.
  • Off-grid Solar Power Plant can reduce CO2 emission by tons per year.
Application Areas:
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Offices
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Construction Companies
  • Workshops
  • Water Pumps
  • Community Centers
Technical Specification:
 Hybrid PCU Rating ( kw )3kW-100kW
MPPT Power sharing ConverterMaximum power Tracking system 
 Input ( Rectifier )Active power factor correction > 0.99
Based with power sharing configuration.
  1. Nominal AC Input Voltage
3 Phase 400 V AC + Neutral + Earth
  1. Line Low / High Range
320 V AC – 480 V AC
  1. Frequency Range
45 Hz to 55 Hz
  1. Power factor
>0.99 @ Full load
  1. Efficiency ( AC- DC)
>97% @ full load
 Solar power / Solar PanelIEC 61215 
  1. Solar panel voltage@ max -Vmp (V)
250w/36vdc. 280w/36vdc. 300w/36vdc.
  1. Solar panel current @max-Imp ( I )
7.22A / 7.77A / 8.33A / 9.72A
  1. Solar panel power
250 w / 280 w / 300 w /350w any one
series parallel combination

1.Operating Temperature0 Deg to 40 Deg. C
2.Humidity20 % to 95 %
3.Noise Level< 55 dB @ 1 Meter
4.Indication –LEDPCU On Battery,
Load On PCU, Load On Battery,
Faulty Condition, Over Temperature
5.LCD DisplayInput voltage Input Frequency,
Output voltage 
current Output frequency,
Battery Voltage, Solar Panel Voltage
Solar panel current ,
Battery charging discharging,
6.Audible AlarmMains Failure Alarm, Low Battery pre Alarm ,
Over Load, PCU Over
7.PCU ProtectionAdvanced Electronic Protection for
Input over Voltage, Under
Voltage, Device Safety backed with MCBs,
Semiconductor Fuse,
Soft Start Feature for Rectifier and
PCU converter , Battery Current
Limiting Protection, built in over load protection,
Short Circuit
Protection for Rectifier and Inverter
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