Friday, 1 August 2014

Solar System Installation Hand Tools and Materials

Multi Contact ConnectorMulti-contact connectors, (MC connectors) :  Connecting solar modules together in Parallel can be easy as well, if you have the right products. MC connectors provide a connection between the solar modules and Combiner Boxes. Most solar modules are now manufactured with Multi-contact connectors, (MC connectors, for short) which make for an easy Series connection. 

Solar Male & Female Branch Connector:
These waterproof branch connectors make it possible to parallel or series parallel wire PV modules with solar output cables.  Maximum current allowed through connectors is 30 amps.

Portable kit portable solar power system portable solar panel outdoor equipment:

40A, 12v/24v auto mppt Solar Charge Controller:

Home solar inverter with built-in charge controller 300w:

solar cable clipping tools:

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