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Friday, 4 December 2015

Advance Certificate In Solar Photovoltaic System Technician


For Electricians and Domestic Technicians, For University Students, For Professionals, For Entrepreneur

Job Role: Assessing the installation site job, understanding the principle of PV system, handling installation tools & equipment, understanding functions & process of installation materials, mounting and installing the panels at customer's premises as per design & specification, and ensuring effective functioning of solar energy system after installation.

Why become a Photovoltaic System Technician? For Electricians and Domestic Technicians: Rooftop solar Photovoltaics (PV) is a unique and large number of market demand sector, which requires electrical, mechanical, civil and structural skills manpower.

For University Students: this advanced Certification Programme would provide the much required hands-on skills enhancing their employability. This Programme also lays the very foundation for advance skill development such as designing of more complex PV systems, performance assessment, calculations, and even research.

For Professionals: this Certification Programme would serve as a skilled course enhancing the understanding and appreciating how photovoltaic systems can install, O&M. Moreover, this Programme is designed in a very flexible manner, where it can be conducted in the evenings and also weekends.

B.E / B.Tech, Diploma, ITI 
Minimum Educational Qualifications: 10+2 Pass for Entrepreneur 
Minimum age 18 years. 

Medium: English, Hindi & Local Language (Book & Online Examination in English) 

Course of Study and Scheme of Examinations

Subject CodeSubject TitleTheory Class*Practical Class*Marks
1. FESFundamentals of Electrical Systems6425
2. PPSPhysic of Photovoltaic System4625
3. SRPSSolar Resources for Photovoltaic System2325
4. BoSPV System Components (BoS)3625
5. SADPSite Assessments, Design & Planning8425
6. IPSInstallation of Photovoltaic System , O&M101525
7. SPSWSafety for Photovoltaic System workers3225
8. WRMWorkplace Relationship & Management4025
* Per Class duration 1 Hour.

Knowledge & Skill from this training Program

Through this training session, you can understand your responsibilities at work area -
Technical Job skill:
  • Working process to generate solar power
  • PV Solar Rooftop and Power Plant Calculation, Design
  • Soft skill to design SPV plant
  • Electrical equipments handling & its function
  • Mechanical equipments and its function
  • Site survey and evaluation of various environmental parameters
  • System Installation Process -
    1. Civil Work
    2. Mechanical Work
    3. Electrical Work
  • System Test & Commissioning
  • Site Operation and Maintenance Job
  • Occupational health and safety process
Professional Skills:
You can able to
  • operate/use different tools used in installation work
  • Fill report form, make documentation
  • Communicate with supervisor and co ordinate with co workers
  • work as a team member for achieving quality work/customer satisfaction
  • Understand company's policies and needs
For Short Term Course (Total Duration 1 Month/80 Hours) 
DayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayTotal Duration
ClassT & PT & PT & PT & PT & P
T & P - Theory and Practical Class, Tentative Class Time - 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon & 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM
For Long Term Course (Total Duration 6 Month) 
DaySaturdaySundayTotal Duration
ClassTheory ClassPractical Class
Tentative Class Time - 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon

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Complete your registration before two months and get 20% discount on Registration fee. Not applicable for International Students.

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And that's where IST Skill training differs; IST training gives you the skills to do something rather than just know about something. Training can be specific to your need, your work experience or your skills-gap. 

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